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will be in the bay area today. the reason behind her trip is coming up. >> plus, apple is expected to unvei nsa d snowden will not be alone and adorn his asylum. we will tell you who obtained a hint visa to visit him in russia. >> it is a bad time of year again, back to school. your kids will have to get it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with his math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... like video-chatting with sara. hi, ms. kelly. hi, sara. [ male announcer ] call at&t now to get the fastest internet for the price -- just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. on our newly expanded advanced digital network, you get more connectivity, more reliability and more speed options. and with at&t u-verse high speed internet, you can choose the speed you need. getting connected is no problem with our wireless gateway. we have our very own private wi-fi hot spot right here. we do. so we can all be connected at the same time. and
network we built. we have the nsa surveillance and tsa crawling around every airport and swabbing the corner of my bag when we go through. it's whether it's working. you look at these examples. you look at the afte -- look ate tsarnaev brothers. it feels like we don't learn the lessons from those experiences. >> we built up this huge bureaucratic infrastructures. we are still greeting granny who is taking her grandchildren to disney world. we are treating her the same way as we are treating the tsarnaev brothers who made multiple trips to afghanistan and pakistan. where is common sense? i think that what's we threw out the window. martha: they hissen in on our conference call. they scrambled and shut down many embassies. nobody wants to see a benghazi. there were reasons to have given them more security. so it just feels like smart power. let's have smart power in our intelligence and the way we carry it out. it feels like it is overbroad. >> look what we have just done. we told al qaeda. they will have a new method of communicating with each other. they have seen how we have resp
's not slow. >> no, it's been nasdaq, nsa, anthony weiner, incredibly ridiculous. >> rose: the gift that keeps giving. >> that's right, which cannot not give. >> rose: yes. >> but there were momentsment like two shows in particular, a pretty hard to navigate when it's feelings of complete despair. the trayvon martin verdict i felt personally very, you know, it's very difficult. there's a lot of emotion. and even more so i felt that was the first time i really felt john's absence. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> holy fuuch. so he's innocent 1234 wait, what? how could that possible-- you-- you have got to be-- there's no-- i can't even-- oh my god! (laughter) which i guess is what we'll call tonight's segment. (laughter) because that feels about right. that feels in your heart about right. the audience often looked to jon to make them, to help them articulate very complicated, painful feelings. and something like the trayvon martin verdict would be a moment where i could feel in the audience people are looking to jon. they're not looking to me. what they want is jon. so i fel
on national security, nsa programs, and privacy. just as she was speaking before the a.b.a., disgraced mayoral candidate, anthony weiner, the last person hillary clinton would want commenting on her campaign, claimed to have inside information on hillary clinton 2016. at least as it relates to huma abedin, one of her closest advisers. >> do you know what her role in hillary clinton's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. i'm not telling you. >> do you feel you damaged her place in that world? >> i feel that what i have done has hurt her, yeah. that's hurt her professionally and personally. >> reporter: that was a blunder. hillary clinton has not yet made it official she is running for president. in a recent poll, anthony weiner broke a new record in new york. although, it's not the kind of record he would like to break. he became the most unpopular political figure on record in the state of new york. an unfavorability rating of 80%. >> 80%. that's kind of a hard record to beat. okay, jon, thank you very much. >>> we turn to the incredible video of the moment a luxury resort was swallowed up by a sin
. remember, google was named by the guardian newspaper as one of the companies that give the nsa direct access to its systems. google denied that but also think back google got in trouble for using the street view cars for gathering information in neighborhoods. google then agreed to pay a $25,000 fine to the feds and move on. >> brave new world. thank you. more on that. >>> all right. still ahead here. there are questions about what's an appropriate punishment after prosecutors asked a few months of probation for two of the teens who brutally beat this fellow classmate. this video is hard to watch. a 13-year-old kid under those bunch punches being landed on a school bus ride home and new controversy involving this woman. the irs boss collecting almost $15,000 a month after she refused to testify. she's a taxpayer paid employee in the role she had over targeting conservative groups. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ mal
rules. the washington post is reporting that the nsa does break rules and overstep its legal authority thousands of times a year, including unintentionally intercepting emails and telephone calls in the u.s. the man wanted by the united states for leaking details of national security agency intelligence gathering says journalists have been misled into printing false claims about his legal situation. edward snowden emailed the huffington post saying his father's legal team does not possess any special knowledge regarding his situation. he continued to say, none of them have been or are involved in the current her >>darya:a second bank worker held hostage in louisiana has died. he was one of three bank employees taken hostage by in the rural town of saint joseph on tuesday. authorities say ahmed held two men and one woman captive. he released the woman but let unharmed. when a swat team eventually stormed the bank. we will take a quick break and return with more headlines along with an update of that big rig that is not currently causing massive traffic on 680. we will be right back. i w
of contention in this election campaign? >> well, not at all. it's all about domestic issues. the nsa scandal is, of course, one of the issues discussed here. but european or euro crisis matters don't -- are not discussed at all among politicians. angela merkel tries to downplay it, of course, because that little bit of topic can spill over quite a bit of insecurities to her election campaign because there's, of course, rumors that after the election we'll hear the whole truth about the size of the problem in greece and we'll see a new haircut. but so far both parties, as well the social democrats. steinbruck was saying there won't be any new -- the christian democrats are saying there's no reason we should speculate about that. so european politics are nonexistent here. >> that's really interesting. thank you so much for that. >>> let's get back to zane brown, fixed economic strategist at lord abbott. what is the biggest risk emanating from the german elections? >> well, i think everybody will be quite comfortable. global investors will be comfortable with angela merkel. and any change from tha
and the unimaginable motive. >>> and if all of that talk of the nsa tracking phone calls and e-mails wasn't enough, wait until you hear about the network that they use to track our internet activity. better watch where you click. hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view," i'm ashleigh banfield. it's wednesday, august 21st. i want to begin with the school shooting in georgia, an elementary school. an image without question you just never want to see. children ages 4 through 10 runn f
in the nsa is. wall street journal spying on 75 percent of all internet traffic, meaning that the surveillance agency could know a lot more about us than we thought and another privacy issue. an appellate court believes that police can track your cell phone without a warrant. hello, doug. >> hi, shannon. back in april 20thlen two scientist discovered that the apple iphone and ipad were recording the locations in a hidden file. at that conference, they showed how apple could cope a history of it that lasted a year and a week later apple announced major changes. it would be limited to a week and not transferred to a computer and users could delight all locational data and it would be encrypted and said the company had no plans ever to track users. but many questions remain. the washington post editorial this week. if the police arrest you, do you need a warpt to rifle through your cell phone? >> they are split on this question. the obama administration asked the supreme court that the fourth administration allows warrantless cell phone searches. it is legal for law enforcem
the surveillance activities of the national security agency. documents show the nsa illegally gathered tens of thousands of emails and other electronic communications between americans until it was ordered to stop by a judge back in 2011. >> 7:47. the star of the tv series prison break has revealed he is gay. while refusing a tv invitation because of the country's new laws banning expressions of support for gay rights. the 41-year-old actor sent a letter saying quotas a gay man, i must decline. i cannot in good conscious participate in a sell bra tori occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied basic right to live and love openly. >>> we may know as soon as tomorrow if san diego's battled mayor will step down. reached a tentative deal filed against him and the city. the specifics of the deal have not been made public but will be presented to the council tomorrow. there is speculation that filner is clearing out his office. last night he was seen leaving city hall in an suv filled with boxes of files. >> i am glad we've reached some sort of a resolut
was the nsa and their search of the american e-mail and the compiling of metadata about the phone calls of americans. collects relations have come to light recently that there were times when the line was crossed. that demonstrates that those mechanisms were in place and the court ruling that that program was unconstitutional in 2011 and setting it aside and ending it was another example of how the process works. we have to continue to focus on striking that balance. >> missile controversy seems to have done something that a lot of people were not thought possible. that is forging a common ground between the libertarians and the liberal side of the democratic party. you get a sense that this is going to be the kind of the finding issue going forward that may be, say, the iraq war was? >> i do not have a sense that this will be a defining issue in that way. as is particularly because unlike the iraq war, where president bush was in office and very affirmatively differed with the democratic base and with face of the entire country where most americans felt that with the wrong war at the w
-mails under a court order. >> yes. >> reporter: as a result of the nsa leaks by former contractor edward snowden, mueller suggested terrorists are changing the way they operate. >> our capabilities around the world have been adversely impacted by -- >> reporter: on the benghazi terrorist attack that killed ambassador stephens, he explained why it took two weeks for his agents to reach the scene. >> on one hand it was diplomatic e ner sha on part of the lib yas and we wanted to make sure we had adequate security. >> reporter: mueller to the fbi's investigation pan-am bombing over lockerbie, scotland, where 270 people were killed. as for benghazi. >> what's holding up the investigation now? >> a transitory government, not sure this particular prime minister is going to be there this week or next month. we've gone through several in the one year since benghazi. >> hard to know who to deal with. >> it's hard to know who to deal with. you do not have the security forces that we have developed a rapport with or have the capabilities that we would hope. >> reporter: while mueller would not comm
of renovations. judge napolitanoments -- wants to know the difference of what snowden did and what the nsa did to you. why are the closings a result of a failed foreign policy? now, a big money game, america's ballparks, wifi, those stories and more coming up on this hour of "markets now." ♪ >> three days in a row, market's do
. >> that's always going to happen. there's going to loopholes. >> this looked easy. >> like the nsa, it's not uncomn or just for social networks. >> i don't understand. we commit more of our personal information, people know everything about it us, and we give it away in hopes it's protected in some way. just a false reality. i mean, just accept that. >> pull the plug. that's if. wipe it off the interpret. that's the only way to be safe. >> what's that do for you? >> trouble then. >> mark, facebook, this guy goes in, smashes it up. do they respond? plug in that hole? doesn't matter? >> plug the hole, but someone else finds another hole, and they can't respond to everyone. they can't pay hackers a bunch of money every time they find a bug, although, they promise to. a lot of companies, google, facebook, have offering to say, if you come to us, and there's a bug, we'll pay you money, but, yeah, you p can't fix them all. >> maybe mark will take his facebook page down. just kidding. >> real quick, in that space, facebook made a remarkell reversal, sort of, that, you know, reclaiming some of
scour any individual on chats, e-mails at will. the nsa says allegations are simply not true. both of your headlines. dennis: the stock rally continues. the s&p 500 rising to an all-time trading high. remember, 1704.97 was the all-time trading high to hit earlier today. the dow up 128 points. if that is not an all-time trading high, it is darn near it. jobless claims did pretty well. i asked him surprised, not so much a surprise is worried the federal pullback on the minus got started anyway. the jury deliberating, an interesting question this morning. on what it might mean. >> the question is they're asking wherever this is a different levels of it so to investors, so the question is do we need to find operated as a fraud or deceit all the levels the three levels in the deal or just one of them. trying to see if he coit fraud and one piece of the deal sold to banks. the other question is about the money he made, he made money at goldman sachs ask another question, they are saying does any money he obtained satisfy the security laws that say yes obtained money in the fraud. meaning
in the region and beyond between now and the end of august. and in moscow lawyer for nsa and leaker edward snowden says his client has found a safe place to live in russia. so did the country granted him one year of asylum. in response the white house signaled president of, may boycott. and those other headlines. i'm laurin green. back to cheryl and dennis. dennis: thank you. metals are mixed. said to the trading pits of the cme and phil flynn. >> reporter: a lot less next. markets. especially in the precious metals. gold was down date -- date. a lot of the traders were convinced that we would get that lackluster jobs report. did not happen. a big surge back up. hire on the day and turned back up. copper on the other hand, all of that economic optimism. not only in china and the united states. the pullback as well. so a big disappointment on the number. now, the other thing you have to look at, you always have collected geopolitical risk which can be a big factor. obviously with this report of morning by the state department, that may even put more support in see the market later in the da
's decision to grant temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. president obama plants to attend the group of economic 20 next summer in russia. >>> president bush is home after being discharged from a dallas hospital for a heart procedure. the 67-year-old former president had a stent inserted to clear an blockage was found after a physical. >>> tonight's powerball grown to estimated $425 million a single winner could take home a lump sum of $245 million. that is before taxes. business is picking up at convenience stores, gas stations and newsstands where tickets are sold. those are the headlines. now back to the fox business network and ashley. ashley: all right. heather, thank you very much. appreciate that. >> thanks. ashley: there are new warnings about what president obama's plan to reform mortgage finance system could do to the housing recovery. our next guest says shutting down fannie and freddie would raise interest rates and make it harder for potential buyers to actually get a loan. joining us, susan wachter, professor of real estate at the university of pennsylvania's wharton sc
such abysmal human intelligence. we don't know who the right fighter are and our nsa has spent so much time spying on us they haven't had time to find out. bill clinton answered it in 1993, more than two months after they tried to assassinate clinton h. bush, clinton fired missiles in baghdad and hussein spent time abusing his own people. attacking in kenya and tanzania in august of 1998, clinton fired 75 missiles at a tent in afghanistan and pharmaceutical plant in sudan and that didn't stop al qaeda from killing 29 soldiers and wounding 39 soldiers on the "uss cole." cre cruise missiles make weak presidents feel strong but don't have a long term effect on despots or terrorists and makes you wonder what would we be doing by launching this attack. >> what if we did something that wasn't aimed at regime change or taking out chemical weapons and if you do this strikes. what will assad do! will he respond by taking it out on his own people. will things escalate. >> he has not responded to the israelis, twice gone to the border near damascus to take out missiles headed to hezbollah to take out
are not there. the markets are bad. student loan debts, scandals, spying, nsa, they don't trust him. achievement is all he wants, but they are not there to be touted. >> what do young people want? in other words, you know, what exactly are they looking for? what can happen in washington to change their minds about government? >> there's a libertarian vent to my generation, and we saw them coalesce. >> legalizing marijuann? no, really. >> no, really, that's true. things like that, you know, issues of that nature appeal to them so i think a rand paul has a real opportunity to see them coalesce around him. >> wait a minute. i thought the obama administration, your generation liked the obama administration because they talked about forgiving the get, keeping the interest rates low and student loans. >> no, they absolutely did. we saw him vote for him in the election, but the materials, his promises have not materialized, and that's why we see them drop in approval ratings, 45% approval right now, dropping 17% in one month, rejecting him now because he can't govern the way he campaigns. >> the presid
the nsa scandal has made some strange bedfellows. people on the far left like oliver stone, libertarians like rand paul and staunch conservatives who believe the government is overstepping their bounds by surveying regular americans, parlaying intelligence interests in to criminal investigations with the d.a. and the irs. this is extra and aconstitutional. charles: this hurt the president with young people tremendously. really odd. >> we can fight about obamacare all the time but when it comes to this privacy issue, we are now all in agreement. wait a second. were you doing behind our backs and the point about young people, we are in the social media, but younger people are in social media at era where there is facebook and all these things and we are wondering is everything going in the hands of the government. charles: on the cover of the new atlantic out right now called the drone -- along as a lines they hid the fact he is killing so many people with these drones without any -- liz: there is bipartisan agreement on that. >> he says i will make changes. where? charles: might not be th
. a profit contractor checked out the nsa leaker two years ago. a government review found the only people interviewed about snowden were his mother and girlfriend. the contractor also failed to verify snowden's work for the cia and didn't look into a trip to india that snowden failed to report. >>> a virus is believed to be killing dolphins along the east coast. bodies have washed ashore since july. officials say there's nothing they can do about that virus. >>> the seattle "times" says the u.s. special envoy will go to north korea on friday to seek the release of american kenneth bay. the christian missionary from california was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp. his family says bay has become gravely ill. the u.s. is asking for a pardon and amnesty on humanitarian grounds. >>> connecticut's newtown bee said had their first day of school yesterday. they're attending school in a neighboring town after last year's shooting. nobody will ever forget that. had to be a bittersweet day for those kids. >>> good morning. headed out the door today, we do have some patchy fog and even some driz
saying we can't move forward with this trade until we get much more rigorous both transparency on the nsa programs, but in the case of germany, a new agreement that the u.s. will not spy on germany. so this is not going away. it's not even going away after the german election, quite frankly. it will continue. it needs to be taken very seriously. there is now a real breach in confidence and trust that we have to manage and work through so we can get back to working on the bilateral engagement and agenda, and first and foremost is that ttip, is that trade investment. we can't allow this issue to sideline that. and right now, you know, it has the potential to do that. so he certainly will hear it, and he may, if he has an opportunity to have a sideline discussion which i assume he will with chancellor merkel in the corridors of the g20, he may hear additional words on that. >> well, it's a -- the revelations of the program are, i think, are hard to underestimate as a blow to, you know, u.s. credibility as a moral leader in places. and it plays perfectly into the hands of the russians and to
is expected to release to congress today or tomorrow, a comprehensive intelligence report from the cia and nsa, justifying american military action. but some members of congress, including speaker of the house, john boehner, who wrote a letter to the president, demanding answers, believe obama would be overstepping his powers, if he launched an attack without consulting them. >> they're allied to known terrorist organizations, that in the past have targeted the united states. then, there is a prospect, a possibility, in which chemical weapons that can have devastating effects, could be directed at us. >> reporter: because most of congress is still on recess until labor day, this teleconference -- this briefing tonight will happen by teleconference, at 6:00, as abc news has learned. and the president says, any attack, any military option, will be limited. george? >> okay, jim. thanks. >>> let's go to the war zone, now, where the u.s. navy is positioning ships in the mediterranean. the entire middle east on-edge. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in beirut this morning. the warships
from a so-called black budget. nsa leaker edward snowden handed these details over to "the washington post," revealing the cia is spending nearly $15 billion this year. that's more than any other spy agency. it also shows the national security agency has spent $278 million in the last year, paying american companies for access to their phone calls, e-mails, as well as other communications. >>> also reportedly in the documents leaked by snowden, new revelations about osama bin laden's death. they show that the military conducted a dna test at a lab in afghanistan to confirm bin laden's identity after he was killed. last year, the pentagon said it could find no record of such files. >>> and supporters of legalizing marijuana are cheering the obama administration's decision not to challenge the laws in washington and colorado. so, that means that people in those states can use weed and get a license to grow. but they must keep it away from children as well as federal property. >>> and the irs has announced a new tax rules for same-sex couples. if those couples are legally married, no mat
the program by window dressing. >> i applaud the president for continuing the nsa program. what i'm very critical of him for, though, is basically he's been silent for the last two months. >> the cancellation of planned summit with russian president putin was an attempt to quote, reset relations with russia. >> he's an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states, continues to oppress his people continues to oppress the media, and continues to act in an autocratic and unhelpful fashion. >> on domestic issues he faces budget fights in september, a fight against obama care in october and immigration reform faces an uncertain future. now, the president is unlikely to find much new momentum here but one potential point of relaxation, he's unlikely to bump into any republicans here on martha's vineyard. they're mostly on nantucket. norah and charlie, back to you. >> a terror alert is in effect still in the united states this morning but nearly all of the embassies and consulates are back ove
nsa leaker edward snowden cite ed td the s treaty and cooperation after the boston marathon bombs. today, after the meeting had been cancelled, they spoke of a president obama told jay leno last night russians sometimes look back instead of ahead. >> there have been times they slip back into cold war thinking and cold war mentality, what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past. we have to think about the future. there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to cooperate more effectively than we do. >> the kremlin both criticized the decision to cancel the summit and refused to sep blame for it. the spokesman said the reason was clearly snowden and not the lack of cooperation other agencies and u.s. officials mentioned. alisyn. >> wendellgo l goler, live from white house. thank you. >>> for the first time the u.s. government is filing criminal charges against the suspects in the terror attack last accept 11th that killed four in benghazi. this raises new questions why it took federal authorities nearly a year to reach this point in the pursuit o
across the country and in washington over russia granting temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. last week he said the relationship hasn't been productive but the reset with moscow is pretty much on hold. wendell goler is in martha's vineyard where the family is vacationing. hello, wendell. >> reporter: hello, shannon. not a lot of criticism of president obama's decision to cancel the summit meeting. arizona republican senator john mccain called it a symbolic move. he said he was fine with it, but he's not fine with the russian-american relationship. he said putin put his thumb in america's eye when he granted asylum to snowden and said the u.s. need to be a lot tougher with russia. >> we need to expand the act that holds people accountable who commit human rights violations within russia. we need to move to bring georgia into nato. we need to continue and restore our efforts for defensive missile systems in europe which we had basically drawn back. >> reporter: even though president obama and putin are talking, other u.s. and russian officials are. secretary of state kerry and
obama's putin problem. mr. obama can't -- with russia's vladimir putin. as a consequence of the nsa leaker asylum. russia is a key american a lie in the war on terror and the u.s. may need putins cooperation to end the worsening civil war in syria. jay carney brushing aside any concerns about frosty relations just moments ago. let's watch. >> we have a lot of fish to fry, if you will, with the russians. we have a lot of issues to engage with the russians over. and there is two plus two ministerial meeting tomorrow here in washington. and you know, there will be a host of topics. >> all right. so let's debate all of this. leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host, mark keys an with the -- former speech writer for george w. bush. welcome to both of you. >> thanks. >> good morning. >> good morning. mark, let me begin with you. should president obama be sitting down with vladimir putin or not? >> he has no choice not to go. if he had gone, he would have looked like a complete wimp in the face of the -- we have to remember, this wasn't about snowden. made out of weakness. it was b
around. he refused to call it a military coup because that would require the united states to act. >> nsa spying, i'm sure he'd be protesting. >> but i think this is -- this is what i mean. people can look back and we can extrapolate almost anything we want. >> no, you can't. >> there's a very -- >> you can't. >> but there is a truth about dr. king's life. so, if you go back to that dream speech, the truth about that speech is that the dream part of it was sort of the baptist minister coming out of dr. king. at that moment in his speech, he's winding it down and he's trying to figure out how to connect all the points that he previously made. now, if you go to the part of that speech when he talks about a promissory note, marked insufficient funds, where he warns that don't think negros are going to be content on this day and go back and it's business as usual for this nation. dr. king's speech was a radical expression. the only speech i can compare it to, and none of us were alive at the time, was frederick douglas's, fourth of july, sort of this notion that in this moment, have i to indi
stand most recently from the nsa/snowden affair but also over the last two years because precisely syria and other issues. russians along with the chinese have simply thwarted every attempt. there's very little appetite in the united states to having a major battle against syria. we're not talking about boots on the ground in any form or fashion but even a prolonged air campaign to severely degrade president assad's military capabilities and to prevent him not just from using chemical weapons which is as you know a war crime not just using those but from using all the other weapons, his aircraft, his missiles and all the rest that are responsible for killing 100,000 people by the u.n.'s estimate. that's not in the card. a slap on the wrist natural is apparently in the cards. we'll wait to see when that happens. now, wolf, there was a huge amount of activity here in europe where i am earlier today. there was a sense and tweeteding out to prime minister david cameron in england his office saying this is unacceptable this use of chemical weapons by assad, the world cannot stand by. they wen
in this situation. >> senator saxby chambliss, ranking member of the intel committee said the nsa learned of the threat but critics of the surveillance program say they have their doubts. >> if you look at the one that's most at issue here, the bulk metadata program there's no indication, unless i'm proved wrong later, that program which collects vast amounts of domestic data, telephone data, contributed to information about this particular plot. >> david ignatius, bring in here quickly, what are you hearing? >> well, i'm hearing from u.s. officials is first, this is al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, affiliate based in yemen, the affiliate that osama bin laden thought had the best chance of really being powerful and causing a long-term threat. the information is vague. it is from intercepts. although it's not, thank goodness, the meta data from the u.s. because there's no evidence of their being contact with somebody in the u.s. to be captured in that metadata. there's a reference in what's been heard to the enemy, not specific, which leads people to think it's probably the u.s., but cou
nsa or anything else. i need empirical evidence and there is none. they have nothing to lose. if you throw enough stuff against the wall, something will stick. the problem is little sticks. that's dangerous for the people. >> the reason i trust them is because i looked very carefully at what giuliani and bratton did, went to los angeles and saw what bratton did when he was out there as chief, i talked to kelly about this stuff. if you look at chicago and new york, i believe the difference in the policing system is a very big part of the difference in the murder rate. i think, frankly, it will be great if mayor emanuel will spend time looking at what's happening in new york and apply it to chicago. >> do you think the difference between chicago and new york's lack of violence is stop and frisk? >> it's a piece of the puzzle. people should be aware if, in fact, the judge is wrong, people are going to die because of his decision. >> that's stunning to me. that's the exact same logic that the government uses for nsa. if we don't torture people and violate people's privacy, people will di
americans pay $10 a month to have nsa not listen to their phones. is that an option? >> brian: are we going to debate the nsa? we need another hour. >> peter: who is this connect ed? >> brian: we're not sure. we told you about the irs targeting conservatives and the ongoing investigation. but now we found out something else, i found out yesterday, small businesses are the new target. small businesses, 20,000 letters went out to small businesses, mom and pop organizations, saying we have a hunch that you're underreporting your profits. haven't small businesses in america been through enough without this type of shakedown? >> peter: read us the letter you got. >> brian: i don't think it's fair for me to talk anymore. i'm going to pass. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: wow. okay. fox news alert. notification of possible income underreporting. that is a tearout, part of a quote of one of these letters -- >> brian: think about that, you're trying to make ends meet and all of a sudden you get that. you know it could destroy your business. you got to get your accountant involved and put everything down.
friend. four others were indicted for their alleged roles in that sexual assault. >>> the nsa's domestic surveillance network much larger than officials had been willing to disclose publicly according to current and former nsa officials who spoke to "the wall street journal." they tell the newspaper the agency has the capacity to access 75% of all u.s. internet communications, and that it is keeping the content of many e-mails sent between u.s. citizens. >>> you might recall the navy vet who woke up in a california hospital speaking only swedish with no memory of his american life? he is now in sweden, trying to piece together his past. 61-year-old michael boatwright was reunited tuesday with a woman he once dated in the 1980s. mental health officials in california bought him a one-way ticket after he made it clear he wanted to live in sweden. >>> a scary moment caught on camera, a truck flying over a guardrail, happened in michigan. the 17-year-old who shot this video said she had seen the truck driver hit a sign in the middle of the median. she took out her phone and started shooting w
the president close. is it nsa stuff, what is it? it has become more common since the late 1990s to talk about this. obviously because the country did it, went through it in '98 with president clinton. it's not, you know, impeachment is always a political tool. there's always some political element to it, obviously, because there is no definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. what is that? every generation, every congress, whoever wants to do it can redefine it. it's a kind of crazy armageddon. and i think that it's a sign of a certain derangement as we've talked about a lot on the part of any opponent of an incumbent president to go to this because you're trying to delegitimize the president who holds the office. it happened when conservatives did it with bush. it happened with conservatives and clinton that was strong push to delegitimize the president and a lot of people did not believe deserved to be president and that's what this talk is about now. it's the deepest, most significant kind of attack that you could make on a president and it will be interesting to see if it's coburn just
over the budget problems the team the resolutions and the debt ceiling in the snooping by the nsa, this is something that has to be done by the end of the year so that a revised and constitutional voting rights act it and place before the 2014 election season both primaries and general elections start to run. we have job number one that is before us. i know we are all here job number one. it is not going to be easy but when we are all together, we shall overcome. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. our next speaker really does not need an introduction. i would like to say suppress regards about our distinguished chairman, reince priebus. in march we released the growth and opportunity project and it is a 100 page document. under his leadership, we will be engaging minority communities for the first time, we will be going to communities and being there three years before any election. reince priebus believes that every vote counts and i am so honored and so blessed to have the opportunity to work under him. --welcome reince priebus please welcome reince priebus. >> thank you to mcc
then why are you asking me? i don't trust the congress. i don't trust the president. , nasa could be nsa -- nsa could be recording this. not my friend. >> sir, what is your name? >> you don't need my name. i don't trust the irs. i don't trust anybody. you don't need my name. >> such a nice hunch of guys. irs is a bunch of nice people. my name is bill in case you cared about it. the me tell you something. i don't mind you distrusting. that is your prerogative. sometimes, not all the time. will being to you, you able to reconcile this if you come off the stick that you know all your answers. when you take the position that readre not going to anything else it doesn't fit you don't knowa, all the answers. >> what you want to agree on? >> if you disagree with anything i've said tonight, i am more than willing to sit, have a cup of coffee with you and we will discuss it. if you don't think that is important enough and i do, then maybe i am the fool and you know more than i do. >> i didn't call you a fool and i don't say i know everything. >> you are part of the group in your part of the part
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